The"Cool Type"
Kyoya Ootori (aka Mommy low blood pressure demon lord.)

{Citizen. Has a tablet computer. Apartment e-6.}

General Manager of (sigh) Doki Doki Super Kawaii Hyper Naito Kurabu Desu...
I track the tag #glassescharacter.
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Citta Alveare
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omg honey & kyouya! XD

Look At Me Now
Artist: Idina Menzel
Album: The Wild Party: Original Cast Recording
95 plays

 The Wild Party (Lippa) - 5/21 - Look At Me Now
The Wild Party concert countdown: 17 more days!


I just needed to step out of my frame.
~Kyoya Ootori

Painting Flowers (Violin Version)
Artist: All Time Low

119 plays


Painting Flowers (All Time Low)- Vitamin String Quartet