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Meet Your New Nemisis. [closed]


You clearly hadn’t thought about this well enough, planned it out well enough. You didn’t know this guy, you barely understood his motivations at all as of yet. And still, you didn’t foresee him actually taking you up on your offer. It made sense, he should have of course. But at the same time you pegged him as having far too much pride to allow himself to accept help from someone he considered so poorly as Kyoya considered you. That being said, you only have yourself to blame. As the other boy sat down, you simply thought to yourself what this meant for your current sleeping arrangements.

Because as it stood there was a decent amount of sleeping room for yourself. The tent was made to accommodate someone of your size, one person of your size. You could fit your belongings into the top corner past your head so no one could reach it, and that left almost no extra space for anything or anything else - never mind another entire person. Kyoya wasn’t fat, but he wasn’t exactly small either. He was almost your height, and a little heavier than you were, meaning that as soon as he decided to take you up on your offer you managed to multitask well enough but kept secretly thinking one thing at the back of your mind.

This was going to be a ridiculously awkward night sleeping so close next to someone who hated you. You tried not to worry about it, because you were guessing should it come to a game of gay chicken you were very likely to win.

"Who says I can’t be both?" he asks, knowing that in fact it was both. You knew how to hold yourself certain ways to make people think things of you. Call it manipulation if you will, but you found it was the most fitting way for everyone to get what they wanted.

You lay down, attempting to look completely at ease with the situation. Inside you felt your stomach give a rough churn, you’d never gotten much chance to be close to other humans. Roxy had given you a few hugs, of course, as was her place to do so. But other than that… these sorts of things were still unknown to you except what you had seen. Lucky for you, your shades hid your eyes and Kyoya was none the wiser, at least if you were anything of an actor like you wanted to think yourself anyway.


"It’s simple, you needed help. You were hardly in any position to hire a mercenary, and I honestly don’t have anything better to do with my time. Sorry if you were looking for a deep dark look into my psyche but I guess I’m just lazy, why bother looking for a new person to help when there’s one right here in front of me?"

Ever an expert at reading between lines, Kyoya took the answer objectively and picked apart it’s pieces. Noted the first interpretations he drew from them and came up with hypotheses.

You needed help-. don’t have anything better to do with my time- I’m just lazy- Why bother looking for a new person to help when there’s- 

They were puzzle pieces. Tiny little fragments of information Kyoya had failed to notice. Had he stopped to think about it, if only for a second, the obvious answer would have been this person was just as far from home as he was. Maybe he was just as anxious. But Dirk never mentioned looking for anyone. So he was just… lost. Caught in the static.

A long, sinking feeling carved it’s way through his gut, remembering his own static days. Heading for nothing, attached to no one. They were all a blur, only certain details focused. Most of those details were blonde hair, blue eyes, uneasy but oh so bright smiles. Kyoya glanced up, noticed the same tension he had realized so late the last time and, all at once he was very ashamed. Tamaki wouldn’t have thought twice about it. Not even for a second. All hammy theatrics aside, he would have seen through the glasses, obnoxious gestures, everything. Nothing would have deterred him from reaching out to Dirk, not even if he was annoyed.

Because Tamaki would have recognized that he needed someone. 

It happened a lot faster than he knew how to handle, but a noise like a laugh racked Kyoya’s ribcage. There wasn’t enough room to avoid contact, but at least he hid his face despite the top of his head connecting with Dirk’s chest. His eyes burned, but it wasn’t hard to feign wiping at them from excessive laughter. How could he be so stupid? After all of this time, he really hadn’t changed. Still rotten as ever without someone to keep him in check. But at the very least, he’d caught himself before going too far.

Sorry- you just reminded me of something ridiculous,” he said, realizing after that those words were still sharp. “Not you, or your reasons. Those are all fine, you just. Remind me of some old friends, is all,” he said, smiling as genuinely as possible. So slight it was barely there. “Honestly. If you can stand me you’re free to stay as long as you like. It’s not like I’m in any position to argue.”

He paused, mulled over his words carefully.
“I can’t speak for you, but I’ve had much worse company.”

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Meet Your New Nemisis. [closed]


You really couldn’t get a good read on this guy. On one hand he seemed to be too smarmy and think himself far too good to go without some basic amenities from his home, what you were guessing was the past compared to your time. At least, he certainly had a very late 1990s vibe about him.

Still, he at least seemed to be making an effort to not act like such a dick to you. And that was certainly something. But still, you had no real reason not to give him your name, at the very least. Chances were he wasn’t going to believe you once you gave it to him anyway.


"Dirk Strider, a pleasure," you say, without a hint of sarcasm. Actually, you used a buttload of it. Just for fun.

Now that your make-shift home for the night was completed, you turn to the other boy to properly speak to him. You looked him over, properly now that you had a minute without him trying to run away from you. He seemed like the kind of guy who had no idea what camping even was, so this would be fun. He also didn’t seem to have noticed the weather, although he might be conveniently not mentioning it on the offhand chance you would be.

Well, you suppose you could oblige. After all, you didn’t want to have to be a babysitter when he eventually came down with a cold and decided to sneeze on you. Who knew what benefit it might have in the mean time, being nice.

"Hey so, maybe you might want to drag your stuff in here and we continue to chat where the oncoming storm won’t get to us. Unless pneumonia is something you just happen to really enjoy that is, in which case don’t let me stop you," you add with a smirk.

The situation was a bit of an oddity. While he had something to gain by not showing blunt wit, there was also very little point in smiling pretty. All of the ugly had been laid out on the table from the start. Not only did this make being fake impossible, but it also strained Kyoya to be more genuine much sooner than he was used to. It was uncomfortable, and made his limbs feel weightless. The bigger surprise to Kyoya was that, it felt cathartic. Comforting, were it not for Dirk’s abrasive personality.

“Strider hm? It certainly suits you,” he says, carefully placing his small pack towards the corner of the tent before crawling in himself. While he was not entirely comfortable with the idea, far be it from him to decline the offer. The tiny speckles of rain had picked up to a sprinkle, the thunder also becoming frequent. Once settling, he hugged his arms to his stomach. An attempt was made to make this look casual, but in truth he felt embarrassed and a little out of place. “I’m willing to hazard a guess that you’re either a fantastic actor, or an American who’s guardian was a bit of an eclectic.”

He paused, focused on one freckle on Dirk’s arm through the silence. “Thank you,” he said, plainly. Much less pronounced than usual, and with no follow up on the matter. Using his own arms he rested his head, tried to read Dirk’s facial expression mostly out of habit. Of course it failed, so he closed his eyes and shifted to a more comfortable position. Outside the rain became steady, almost droning in nature. After a minute of silence he spoke again.


“Can I ask you something? Why not bug someone who is more pleasant to be around? Not that I’m complaining, but it seems like quite a hassle for a bit of company and kicks.”

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across the universe // fiona apple

words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup
they slither while they pass, they slip away across the universe
pools of sorrow, waves of joy are drifting through my open mind
possessing and caressing me

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Good news everyone!
I’m going to be moving over the weekend, so a lot of my time is going to be dedicated to getting set up. I might be a little distracted but, hopefully by Monday I will be fairly consistent again! Thanks for understanding.

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Fool and Miser [Event/Closed]

Kyoya exhaled, adjusted his glasses and leaned up against a railing. They’d both searched around the festival on their own time, the goal being to find Tamaki as well as earn some coin. The bespectacled teen had managed to do the latter, if only to a small degree. As he regrouped with Dirk, he tried to keep his spine straight as to not show exactly how rattled he was. It had been two weeks. That was more than enough time for him to get himself killed.

“Nothing on my end,” he said, only half successful in his attempts to keep melancholy from slipping out. Judging by the fact Tamaki wasn’t with him, Kyoya found it safe to assume he hadn’t seen anyone fitting the description. Folding his arms over his chest he leaned against one of the fences nearby. “I’ve got a few more things I’d like to check out here before we head out again, if that’s alright. There’s a fortune telling circuit. According to the workers, part of it being a challenge that doesn’t require combat. At the very least we can collect easy spoils to sell.”

Slumping ever so slightly, he wordlessly starts in the direction hoping that his self appointed guard’s patience hadn’t worn thin already. It was becoming apparent now, that he needed him. He turned his head to glance back at him, walking more closely to his side as they turned into the circus portion of the festival. Signs towards the challenge were unassuming enough. “So, did you have fun wrestling around with a bunch of sweaty ogres?” he asked, eyes darting over the other’s form to check for signs of damage. “I raised enough money to stay here for the night, if you’d like to rest.”

Festival goers usually carried a preposterous amount on them and, Kyoya always found interesting what people would give to a pretty face. It wasn’t stealing, per say. But it was easy enough to put a smile, pose a bit suggestively, act like he gave a damn about what they had to say, and then after all was said and done, casually mention a lack of funds.

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painting flowers // all time low

when i wake up
the dream isn’t done
i wanna see your face
and know i made it home

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Studio Killers | True Colors

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This is me in the mornings.


This is me in the mornings.

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Pay no mind to what they say
It doesn’t matter anyway

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Meet Your New Nemisis. [closed]


You weren’t entirely sure what you were expecting in terms of a reaction, but this guy caving in fairly quickly wasn’t it. You supposed it had something to do with him not being a complete idiot and knowing that if he had help, free help at that, he most likely wouldn’t be finding himself as a smear on the dirt path finding your way to Idarin.

However this raised an interesting question… this guy wanted to go to what you could only see was going to be a fun entertaining festival? He didn’t seem like either of those things to you, or the sort of person to derive pleasure from them. Maybe he was going to meet someone, you decide quickly as a reasonable alternative reason. You would almost guess a significant other, but this guy had all the charm of a dying octopus.

"I’m not entirely sure what you have to pay back, I offered didn’t I? I want a little bit more excitement than the city can offer, and travelling by myself would just be over too quickly. If you’re dead set on it though, you still owe me dinner," you say with an over exaggerated wink that he might be able to tell even under your glasses thanks to your brow moving so drastically. Really, you have no agenda, but bothering this guy sounds a lot more fun than killing rats again.

And with that you two are off, walking at what you consider to almost be a snails pace. However when you do try to pick it up a bit, you find yourself realizing exactly why you two are moving so slowly. This guy probably has never been hiking or even walking for more than an hour at a time, you realize. Without words and as subtly as you can manage you slow to what feels like a crawl for you, but what makes his walking seem less labored. This was going to be a long trip at this rate.

You don’t even make it close to any sort of inn on the road when the sun starts to fall. When it makes it almost halfway down you stop and look around. “We should probably find a place to make camp. I’m guessing you brought the world’s smallest tent and bedroll and that’s why I don’t see them on your pack,” you say pointedly, knowing the answer will be no all the while. You slowly make your way off the main trail, enough that it will be almost impossible to see your tent from it before you drop your pack and start taking things out. Tent for starters, and you pull out the pieces to begin setting it up.

He appreciated the fact his new bodyguard knew how to shut his mouth and, was perceptive enough to slow down for him. Kyoya really had only exercised every now and again to keep appearances, so walking through the day left him sore and tired. When they stopped he sat down among the roots of one of the thicker trees and, propped his spine against it.

“I didn’t bring either,” he said, articulate with eyes closed. Not only had he not thought of bringing them, but even if he had he would have passed. After all, having slept in odder, much harder places it seemed unnecessary. The small amount of money he had saved would be for taking care of both he Tamaki. As for now he wouldn’t ask or beg the other boy for shelter. His pride being only slightly more important to him than a good night’s rest.

However, his stomach became hollow as a rolling sound echoed in the distance. The clouds over the horizon were dark and plentiful and the wind had picked up within the half hour. Kyoya knew the trees would provide little coverage. Still, he chose not to say anything. Instead he took the pages from inside his robe, secured them into his pack and continued to watch his acquaintance set up camp. After a few drops started to fall he took a deep breath, pulled his legs in. The request was on his on his tongue but he wouldn’t ask, if only because he was uncomfortable with the idea.

So he didn’t ask. Instead he made conversation to keep his mind off of it and act like nothing was wrong. After all, it was possible the storm would pass over them.

“I suppose since we’re going to have to communicate, I should introduce myself,” he said, voice calm despite the tenseness in his shoulders. “My name is Kyoya Ootori. And you?”

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