across the universe // fiona apple

words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup
they slither while they pass, they slip away across the universe
pools of sorrow, waves of joy are drifting through my open mind
possessing and caressing me

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Good news everyone!
I’m going to be moving over the weekend, so a lot of my time is going to be dedicated to getting set up. I might be a little distracted but, hopefully by Monday I will be fairly consistent again! Thanks for understanding.

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Fool and Miser [Event/Closed]

Kyoya exhaled, adjusted his glasses and leaned up against a railing. They’d both searched around the festival on their own time, the goal being to find Tamaki as well as earn some coin. The bespectacled teen had managed to do the latter, if only to a small degree. As he regrouped with Dirk, he tried to keep his spine straight as to not show exactly how rattled he was. It had been two weeks. That was more than enough time for him to get himself killed.

“Nothing on my end,” he said, only half successful in his attempts to keep melancholy from slipping out. Judging by the fact Tamaki wasn’t with him, Kyoya found it safe to assume he hadn’t seen anyone fitting the description. Folding his arms over his chest he leaned against one of the fences nearby. “I’ve got a few more things I’d like to check out here before we head out again, if that’s alright. There’s a fortune telling circuit. According to the workers, part of it being a challenge that doesn’t require combat. At the very least we can collect easy spoils to sell.”

Slumping ever so slightly, he wordlessly starts in the direction hoping that his self appointed guard’s patience hadn’t worn thin already. It was becoming apparent now, that he needed him. He turned his head to glance back at him, walking more closely to his side as they turned into the circus portion of the festival. Signs towards the challenge were unassuming enough. “So, did you have fun wrestling around with a bunch of sweaty ogres?” he asked, eyes darting over the other’s form to check for signs of damage. “I raised enough money to stay here for the night, if you’d like to rest.”

Festival goers usually carried a preposterous amount on them and, Kyoya always found interesting what people would give to a pretty face. It wasn’t stealing, per say. But it was easy enough to put a smile, pose a bit suggestively, act like he gave a damn about what they had to say, and then after all was said and done, casually mention a lack of funds.


painting flowers // all time low

when i wake up
the dream isn’t done
i wanna see your face
and know i made it home

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Studio Killers | True Colors

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This is me in the mornings.

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Pay no mind to what they say
It doesn’t matter anyway

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Meet Your New Nemisis. [closed]


You weren’t entirely sure what you were expecting in terms of a reaction, but this guy caving in fairly quickly wasn’t it. You supposed it had something to do with him not being a complete idiot and knowing that if he had help, free help at that, he most likely wouldn’t be finding himself as a smear on the dirt path finding your way to Idarin.

However this raised an interesting question… this guy wanted to go to what you could only see was going to be a fun entertaining festival? He didn’t seem like either of those things to you, or the sort of person to derive pleasure from them. Maybe he was going to meet someone, you decide quickly as a reasonable alternative reason. You would almost guess a significant other, but this guy had all the charm of a dying octopus.

"I’m not entirely sure what you have to pay back, I offered didn’t I? I want a little bit more excitement than the city can offer, and travelling by myself would just be over too quickly. If you’re dead set on it though, you still owe me dinner," you say with an over exaggerated wink that he might be able to tell even under your glasses thanks to your brow moving so drastically. Really, you have no agenda, but bothering this guy sounds a lot more fun than killing rats again.

And with that you two are off, walking at what you consider to almost be a snails pace. However when you do try to pick it up a bit, you find yourself realizing exactly why you two are moving so slowly. This guy probably has never been hiking or even walking for more than an hour at a time, you realize. Without words and as subtly as you can manage you slow to what feels like a crawl for you, but what makes his walking seem less labored. This was going to be a long trip at this rate.

You don’t even make it close to any sort of inn on the road when the sun starts to fall. When it makes it almost halfway down you stop and look around. “We should probably find a place to make camp. I’m guessing you brought the world’s smallest tent and bedroll and that’s why I don’t see them on your pack,” you say pointedly, knowing the answer will be no all the while. You slowly make your way off the main trail, enough that it will be almost impossible to see your tent from it before you drop your pack and start taking things out. Tent for starters, and you pull out the pieces to begin setting it up.

He appreciated the fact his new bodyguard knew how to shut his mouth and, was perceptive enough to slow down for him. Kyoya really had only exercised every now and again to keep appearances, so walking through the day left him sore and tired. When they stopped he sat down among the roots of one of the thicker trees and, propped his spine against it.

“I didn’t bring either,” he said, articulate with eyes closed. Not only had he not thought of bringing them, but even if he had he would have passed. After all, having slept in odder, much harder places it seemed unnecessary. The small amount of money he had saved would be for taking care of both he Tamaki. As for now he wouldn’t ask or beg the other boy for shelter. His pride being only slightly more important to him than a good night’s rest.

However, his stomach became hollow as a rolling sound echoed in the distance. The clouds over the horizon were dark and plentiful and the wind had picked up within the half hour. Kyoya knew the trees would provide little coverage. Still, he chose not to say anything. Instead he took the pages from inside his robe, secured them into his pack and continued to watch his acquaintance set up camp. After a few drops started to fall he took a deep breath, pulled his legs in. The request was on his on his tongue but he wouldn’t ask, if only because he was uncomfortable with the idea.

So he didn’t ask. Instead he made conversation to keep his mind off of it and act like nothing was wrong. After all, it was possible the storm would pass over them.

“I suppose since we’re going to have to communicate, I should introduce myself,” he said, voice calm despite the tenseness in his shoulders. “My name is Kyoya Ootori. And you?”

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sʟɪᴍ ᴘɪᴄᴋɪɴɢs [ᴏᴘᴇɴ]


ғᴇᴀʀ ᴄᴜᴛs ᴅᴇᴇᴘᴇʀ than swords’. So continues her silent mantra as their situation swiftly becomes more dire than first thought: as ever it under such circumstances. In her time spent wandering the Riverlands, though, she had always had at least some inkling of what danger awaited her, whether it was lions, lack of hope, her own travel companion (for a spell), or even just living through the day ─ she had always knows, if only to some extent. Yet now, as heavy footfall only grows heavier and louder - so that it sounds to surpass any imagine of human-ness - as it approaches, there’s nothing in her experience to tell her what sort of danger she’s in now, only that she is in danger.

And despite all she’d been through already, her heart beats quicker. Just a bit.

The child doesn’t need to be told a second time, however curious she might be about what lies farther along the corridor, yet swathed in shadow. A hand upon her dagger no longer serves as any comfort, much as she suspects that so small a blade won’t do anything against something so big; instead, both arms are positioned as such to allow her good balance in spite of the dim light and her haste, as she had once been taught long ago. She affords to look behind her only just as the creature is stopped by the door with a reverberating thud, her guide seemingly having escaped by the skin of his teeth.


Were it not for him then tugging her along, she might have well stayed there for a bit longer, frozen, mesmerised by the shaking of the door against that— thing’s mass.

Then she tells, wills herself to move, and with her own steps stumbling slightly at first, she follows. She is yet visibly shaken by the ordeal even after out from the hidden passageway, and it isn’t until the relative calm of mundane life assures her that the trouble is - for now - behind them that she has enough wit about her to speak.

Even with her ragged breath, the scare, nor the stranger’s own silence apparently has done nothing to dull her tongue, “What do you mean ‘someone will take care of that’? What wasthat'—?

“To be fairly honest, I’m not sure what it was. But we shouldn’t be the ones find out,” he said, grimace still set firmly along his features. To be sure someone more capable would find whatever that thing was. The smell alone was enough was an alert, if not for the curdled roars it shook the tunnels with. He just hoped that that no one that had already been inside was trapped with it. “We’ll alert the thieves and they’ll handle it. If nothing else they can close the passageways so no one else wanders in.”

Fear kept Kyoya’s motions swift as well. Normally, he was sluggish at best. Never having had the need to move so hastily, Arya would likely find it was easy to keep up with him. Control was normally one of his best qualities, but in situations of stress he often lost this. Pushing through the crowd, he was none to gentle to anyone who stood in their path. Curses or dirty looks were returned with a glare no less seething. So the escape to a path less crowded was relatively easy.

The upper alleyways were mostly desolate, aside from the occasional resident who lived in the homes nested on either side. Once there were less obstacles, his demeanor softened. “Now seems a good a time as any to apologize,” he said, keeping his pace brisk but giving his legs a bit more time to recover. “Monsters haven’t ever managed to slip in there, at least, not during the time I’ve been here. But regardless, it was the wrong choice.”

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